Our Tourist Office

The Tourist Office is currently being classified "category III" and is fully committed to :

- Provide an easily accessible reception and information area, 
- Offer you a seat, 
- Offer help with your holiday planning, 
- Give you free information on local tourism 
- Display and distribute details of opening hours (in at least one foreign language) 
- To be open at least 120 days per year, saturday and sunday included, during the tourist season, 
- Answer your letters throughout the year, 
- Ensure that there is someone in reception who has a working knowledge of at least one foreign language) 
- Ensure the supply of tourist maps, plans and tourist guides in the leaflet racks, 
- Give you access to a bilingual internet site, 
- Provide tourist information translated into at least one foreign language of the following : 
    - Graded tourist accomodation, including the name of the establishment, the adress, e-mail, website, telephone, level of classification. 
    - Monuments and cultural historic sites, including tariffs, opening hours, website and telephone, 
    - Events and presentation 
    - Emergency numbers
- Annual updating of tourist information 
- Displaying emergency numbers outside the Office 
- Dealing with your requests and evaluating your satisfaction 
- Provide a travel advisor 
- Guarantee the reliability and accuracy of the information on offer about local tourism 
- Ensure that information on local tourist businesses is updated and correct