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You are invited to join one of the guided tours, rich in commentary and anecdotes led by guides certified by the Heritage Department (The Ministry of Culture).

Maison Rouge - Grande Place de Conflans 73200 Albertville -  Tel. +33 (0)4 79 37 86 85 - Fax +33 (0)4 79 32 83 39

As the choir stalls indicate, the first part of the church was built in the 12th century. Further built up in the 17th century and expanded again in the 19th century, Saint Laurent Church in Ugine is one of the oldest relics bearing witness to the town's history, expansion, restored. Come learn about the church's long and amazing history.
Chef-lieu 73400 Ugine
Learn about the incredible history of a Russian community that fled the Bolshevik revolution to settle in Ugine and work in the labor-starved steel mills of the early 20th century. Their Orthodox church was consecrated in 1926!
73400 Ugine
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73540 Esserts-Blay
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Rue Gambetta 73200 Albertville
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place de l'église 73200 Mercury
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73730 Cevins
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Abbaye de Tamié

Tamié abbey, still houses more than thirty Cistercian monks who continue to make one of the savoie?s famous cheeses: Tamié.
Col de tamié 73200 Plancherine
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73540 La Bâthie
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Eglise Saint Piat

73790 Tours-en-Savoie
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Eglise la Belle Endormie

73460 Grésy-sur-Isère
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Eglise de Conflans

Conflans 73200 Albertville
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Dedicated to Très Saint-Sauveur, this church was first mentioned in texts in the 11th century. Its Baroque architecture is integrated into a steep, remarkable, and officially protected site. Today, the church's painted walls and vaulted ceiling offer an incredible décor for the two baroque-inspired pulpits and baptismal fonts, both built in the 19th century. In front of the Virgin Mary alter, in 17th century polychrome woodwork, an inventory of the church's furnishing is inscribed. One of the bells is registered as a Historic Monument.
73400 Ugine