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Downhill MTB - La Cuberote


Sport trail in the forest of La Légette. Track but technically committed reserved for good riders. Big jumps, roots, footbridge, river gap down DH before arrival. Possible escapes to each large module.


From 01/07 to 31/08 between 10 am and 5 pm.


Free of charge.

Infos complémentaires
  • Langues parlées : French
  • Animaux acceptés : Non
  • Type de parcours : ALLER_ITINERANCE

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Emmanuel Molle
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    Downhill MTB - Droit dans lo boets

    Pleasant descent into the woods (series of woops, banked turns, wallrides). Fun track accessible to all. Possibility ...

    E. Molle
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      Downhill MTB - La Tabasco

      Variant of the Lovely Woods blue trail (# 7) accessible from the top of Chard du Beurre. Tabasco offers a beautiful ...

      Vue depuis le télésiège de la Légette
      M. Dalmasso
      • Animaux acceptés
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      Legette chairlift

      Mountain bike riders and walkers access in summer.

      E. Molle
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        Downhill MTB - Lovely Woods

        Beautiful blue trail between forest and pastures. A varied course linking up turns, great curve fast, more technical ...

        Piste VTT DH verte Shrek
        A. Parant
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          Downhill MTB - Shrek

          Trail initiation mountain biking downhill with small bumps and banked turns suitable for beginners. To learn how to ...

          Piste DH VTT verte Pikachu
          OT des Saisies
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            Downhill MTB - Pikachu

            Very nice green trail for a nice walk with a view of Mont Blanc and route in the woods or just to learn mountain biking ...

            Piste DH bleue
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              Downhill MTB - Fends la bise

              New blue on the sector of Bisanne. Long, wide and varied this track gives as much desire to ride as to contemplate ...

              DH VTT - La Coyote
              N. Joly
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                Downhill MTB - La Coyote

                Small easy descent. Ideal to learn to practice mountain biking downhill safely.

                DH VTT La Cornifle
                N. Joly
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                  Downhill MTB - La Cornifle

                  Descent into the forest. A rolling track, not very technical with banked turns, small jumps.

                  DH VTT La Monchu
                  N. Joly
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                    Downhill MTB - La Monchu

                    Nice descent to get in shape or continue to progress in driving and precision to then tackle the Red Bike Park Saisies. ...

                    DH VTT Dré dans l'pentu
                    N. Joly
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                      Downhill MTB - Dré dans l'pentu

                      Sports downhill in the forest. Alternating rolling parts and more technical parts with roots. Bumps, banked turns, ...

                      DH VTT La Bougnette
                      E. Molle
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                        Downhill MTB - La Bougnette

                        A short but intense red trail. Many roots, driving ... you will work on your sense of balance and precision. This DH ...

                        Emmanuel Molle
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                          Downhill MTB - La Saisissante

                          Sporty descent, which allows to vary the pleasures, accessible to all with sharp turns, double bumps, tables, and step-ups. ...

                          La Borat - DH double noire
                          N. Jloy
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                            Downhill MTB - La Borat

                            Sport track shapée by the Big pedals. Trail steep and demanding, not to put in all hands (reserved for very good riders). ...

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