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Le Mont-Charvin


Mont Charvin (2407 m) is one of the main peaks of the Aravis mountain range and is recognisable by its pyramid shape and steep rock face. This is maybe the reason for its name: Charvin means exposed summit (“charve” is patois for “chauve” meaning bald).

Two via ferratas have been fitted out on the faces of Charvin. ("Le Gollet de la Trouye" and "Le Pas de l'Ours"). Information at the tourist office of Ugine.

Starting point of hikes in Marlens (Bouchet hamlet).

On the Haute-Savoie side, you can reach the lake of Mont Charvin from the foot of Mont Charvin.

On the left of Mont Charvin, according to the point of view, you can see three high peaks called Les Aiguilles du Mont (2133m) or, more poetically, "The three witches". According to an ancient legend, a treasure is hidden in one of them.

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