Conflans and its heritage

Go back in time by visiting the beautiful medieval city of Conflans, unique in Savoy.


Conflans, the unique medieval city in Savoy

On the other side of the Arly River, you will find another face of Albertville: that of the medieval city of Conflans. A district of Albertville where time seems to have stopped. Perched on its rock, the venerable village contains in its fortified enclosure architectural treasures of the Middle Ages and later periods. Its built heritage extends beyond the strict limits of the medieval enclosure. The castle of Costaroche recalls the illustrious past of the family of Manuel de Locatel. In the Hauts de Conflans, the numerous hamlets are home to a small typical rural heritage, while the Fort du Mont bears witness to a defence system developed in the 19th century.


Conflans and its heritage

Discover the monuments, the built heritage of the medieval city of Conflans.

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