Explore local crafts and traditions for a different view of the mountains.

Holidays at the heart of the Alps

Get under the skin of Savoie Mont-Blanc during your break with a dip into local culture and traditions. A summer holiday in the mountains is a great opportunity to share the enthusiasm of local producers in Pays d’Albertville for our regional products. Come and taste the traditional specialities produced from our mountain pasture milk, learn to cook them and choose a souvenir made by our local craftspeople to take home.

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A unique feast for the senses

Your experience begins in the Alps, surrounded by unspoilt nature at the crossroads of Savoie’s valleys.

Breathe deeply, open your eyes and ears, and enjoy the fresh air and mountain landscapes. Whether your ideal holiday is all about adrenaline or more culture-focused, or you just want to relax and get away from it all, “Your big adventure starts here” in Pays d’Albertville! Build special memories of the lakes and peaks with family and friends, whatever your age.

Flavours of the summits

The names Bauges, Beaufort and Tarentaise conjure up all the richness of our terroir.

In the mountain pastures, at the heart of nature, our cows, sheep and goats produce milk infused with the flavour of the flowers that burst into bloom in the warmth of the summer sun.

Pays d’Albertville is a land of valleys, where apple and pear orchards blossom under the tender care of the local farmers who transform the fruit into delicious juices.

From dairy cooperative tours to tea with a local farmer, all our cheese producers invite you to sample their exceptional products. With fresh cheeses, both plain and flavoured, fromage frais and yoghurts, there’s something for everyone. Head for the farms and markets to buy these high-quality valley and mountain products directly from the producers. But of course, Savoie is not just about dairy produce. Don’t miss the local wines, cured meats, fruits and vegetables and mountain honey.

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Gourmet encounters in the land of food and wine

Our region, within easy reach of Annecy and Chambéry, is known for its traditional yet creative cuisine.

Savoie Mont-Blanc certainly did not acquire its reputation for good food and drink by accident - recipes and traditions have been passed on and handed down over many years. Take a cookery lesson to learn more about the local, seasonal produce and how to prepare it. With tips from local producers, farmers and craftspeople, put your imagination to work and awaken your taste buds with highly original combinations of ingredients and flavours!

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Develop an artistic eye and craft skills

Pays d’Albertville is also the perfect place to hone your artistic sense and learn a whole range of art forms.

Visiting arts and crafts, painting and pottery workshops may well leave you wanting to try your hand yourself! Or perhaps you fancy learning some picture framing techniques, so that you can display the photographs you take as you hike the Beaufortain Mountains and Val d’Arly. The pristine beauty of the mountain landscapes certainly deserves to be displayed to its very best advantage!

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