Céline Riban
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Céline Riban, Beekeeping


A professional beekeeper, Céline produces honey, pollen and propolis by hand, and offers beekeeping initiation courses: visit the apiary, then open the hive and discover the life of bees, in total safety!

Based in Albertville since 2016, Céline Riban has chosen to work alone, on a small number of colonies, so as to be able to monitor the bees on a day-to-day basis. In spring, the colonies start the season on the plains, gathering flowers from dandelions, fruit trees and acacias. Then it's time for the transhumance to the mountains, where they find the flowers of alpine pastures, as well as lime, bramble and chestnut trees, depending on the altitude of the apiaries.
After the summer, Céline brings her colonies down so that the bees can gather ivy flowers. She never harvests this honey, so that the colonies have enough stock to get through the winter.
Then comes winter, the bees slow down and Céline puts her honey in jars!
Transhumance enables her to offer different types of honey, in jars or buckets, as well as pollen and propolis.
Céline also offers beekeeping baptisms, enabling you to discover the world of bees, in her company and in complete safety.


Sales of honey and hive products (pollen, propolis, wax).
Beekeeping baptisms: visit the apiary and discover the fascinating world of bees in complete safety!


All year round.


Tarif baptême d'apiculture : 28€/personne

Enfant à partir de 8 ans

Pas de CB

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  • Paiement : CheckCash
  • Langues parlées : French
  • Animaux acceptés : Non
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