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Coteau Farm


Nathalie and Christophe Raucaz, tree growers and organic fruit producers welcome you on their farm on Wednesdays and Fridays from 2pm to 6pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 12pm. Sale of apples, pears, fruit juices, ciders, compotes
organic farming.

Products offered (depending on the season/time/quantities available): apples, pears, plums, table grapes, quinces, strawberries, fruit juices, compotes (apples, apple/pear), purée (apple, pear), sweet ciders, sparkling apple juice.

From October to June, meet Nathalie and Christophe, on the markets of La Rochette and Compôte en Bauges (every Wednesday every 15 days), the market of «Producteurs d'Ici» of Sévrier (every Thursday afternoon) and the market of the House (every Thursday every 15 days)
You can also find them at the «Flavors of our farms» store in Gilly-sur-Isère, at the AMAP (from October to June).

Sustainable tourism

25 hectares are cultivated in organic agriculture under the control of a certifying body: Bureau Veritas (FR bio 10).

Some examples of organic farming practices:
- Practice of fertilisation limited to inputs of fertilisers approved for organic cultivation, in particular of organic origin (sheep manure, feather meal, etc.)
- Mechanical weeding on the row and shredding the grass strips between the rows to reduce the inputs, thus the risk of pollution and benefit from the decomposition of the organic matter
- Grassing of orchards to limit the risk of soil erosion and to limit the risk of pollution of groundwater by runoff of mineral elements, to improve the portability of soils and to promote good microbial activity through better soil aeration;
- Limiting yields by winter pruning and hand thinning to promote quality at the expense of quantity.
- Harvest ripe fruit to ensure taste quality and storage of fruit in refrigeration or modified atmosphere palox without any post-treatment
- Biological control:
* for carpocapse (apple worm): use of sex traps
* against mites: introduction of tiphlodromes
* for pear psylla: application of clay + introduction of auxiliaries (anthocoris)
* scab control: preventive measures to avoid or limit the introduction of diseases (drainage, no mineral nitrogen input, summer pruning for aerated vegetation).


All year round, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.


Pour plus d'informations tarifaires, contacter directement la ferme.


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    La Ferme du Coteau

    Nathalie and Christophe Raucaz, tree growers and organic fruit producers welcome you on their farm on Wednesdays and ...

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